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i, human

We are all hypocrites.  Because we are all human.  Human hypocrites who are fiercely Loved by our Savior.  We all wear a face.  We all have masks.  Under which hides the trembling, terrified humanity that is Loved with such perfection.  
We refuse fellowship with other hypocrites because, under the face we wear, we are afraid of the truth that we, too, are masked.  

When I judge the mask of another, I forget The Love that sees beyond my mask.  I forget The Love that sees beyond your mask.  And that Loves both you and me with an abandon that neither of us, in our humanity, can truly grasp.  

So we masquerade in our various prefab faces.  Because our humanity is terrifying.  Because The Love is also terrifying.  Because The Love wants to hold and heal the humanity.  

But better the devil you know.  So we run from the Love that burns away the masks.  And judge the masks of each other for they mirror the hypocrisy in our own hearts and on our own faces.  

We all are hypocrites.  Human and hiding.  We are all hypocrites to ourselves and to each other.  But not hypocrites to The Love that ruthlessly longs after the humanity we are hiding.  

That hypocrite I am judging is Loved.  The hypocrite judging me is Loved.  

The Love calls to you.  The Love calls to me.  The Love says, “Stand face to face and lower the mask.  See through Me instead of the mask.  Because I see you.  I see your mask.  And I raise you Love.”



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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