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Wednesday Things

There are things everyone should know.  Because you care about them.  Really.  I promise.  Even if you don’t yet realize it.

I believe in the depths of my soul that all children, especially of the princess gender should spend the cold winter months cut-and-pasting from old magazines to construction paper.  Mood boards are very important to the small fashionista.

Coffee should be black.  Unless it’s a magic concoction created by the wizards at Milli Joe‘s.  Aside from said exception, if God intended the nectar of life to be defiled with run-of-the-mill creamers, creamer plants would grow alongside the coffee bean, or perhaps tiny cows.  And sugar cane.

Carnations are not flowers.

I used to hate slipcovers, but great technological strides have been made in this field enabling the finished effect to more closely resemble a sofa than Quasimodo draped with a king-sized comforter.  For my discovery of this, I thank my new friend, Becky.

Jim corrected my mother’s grammar on the phone the other day.  That shiz is hot right there.

I’m allowing my children to believe that they are allergic to fire.  They came up with it, but I’m not telling them they’re wrong.  It gives me piece of mind.  It truly gives me a little back.  I have very little left.  I’ve given up on peace of mind.  I have small kids.  I know better than to set my expectations that high.

If you listen to the barking of a lab/hound puppy in a confined space for any length of time, your soul will simply cease to exist.  You will be but a hollow shell of what was once human.

Walls should not be white.  You should all contribute to my painting fund.

Happy Hump Day.




I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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