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Food Baby

I been looking er’where for a recipe.

Since my love affair with both my husband & the Rubio’s chicken tacos from this post, a desire has been haunting me.  A longing for the ability to recreate a taco reminiscent of a Mexican roadside taco stand.  A bite of which will make you think the hot sun is shining on you and an umbrella’d taco cart is in front of you.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had an authentic Mexico taco.  However, the farmer’s market in town has a mean taco stand.  Like, I stood in line for 10 minutes at 9am for 2 of them, good.  And I suddenly find myself obsessed with fresh handmade corn tortillas.

So Pinterest and I have been spending time together in the interest of replicating a passable semblance of real handmade tacos.  And Google.  And just about every recipe website and food blog in cyberspace.  Do we still say cyberspace?

After a couple months of information gathering and fact/opinion finding, I decided that enough is enough.  At this point, any delay in attempting my experiment would be based on cowardice and not ignorance.

I handcrafted corn tortillas from a recipe straight from the Maseca bag.

The innards of the tacos were inspired by my reading.

slap your grandma
Freakin’ Roadside Tacos

My husband claims that he is part Mexican (his stomach).  He grew up eating tacos from Mexican taco stands.

I should have taken a picture of his face when he took the first bite.  I swear he went into a temporary food coma due to the taste.

Anything I have ever been insecure about took a vacation for the duration of that expression of bliss on his face.  I was validated as a woman, wife, amateur cook, person, etc…


So…  I was so excited to tell you about my tacos that I forgot to tell you what’s in them that’s so amazing.  Besides homemade corn tortillas.  Duh.

I seasoned 1 lb of organic chicken with cumin, chili powder, salt, & taco seasoning, tossed it with 2 TBS of safflower oil, and cooked it in a cast iron skillet.

Since the tortillas were literally freshly made, I didn’t have to warm them.

I sprinkled Almond Pepper Jack cheese immediately after the chicken so it would melt a little.

A dab of guac and salsa.

Squeeze of fresh lime.

Topped off with a crapload of fresh cilantro, diced roma tomatoes, red onions, & radishes.

I just passed out again from the memory of how amazing they were.

And there is more of everything in my fridge.

I see a midnight snack in my future.

Unless Kristy comes over to eat them with me for dessert once the kids are all in bed.



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

Come on. Let it out. You know you want to.

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