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Happy Freakin' Twenty-Twelve!
yay, and stuff.

I usually attempt a “New Year’s post” of sorts.  Preferably in January.  Having about 36 hours left, I guess I should get a jump on that.  Said post traditionally consists of a link to the previous year and a new list for the year to come.  Except that my Pop says traditions have to be at least 3x to be called traditions.  Or is it 3 years to call something “the Annual whatever”?  Maybe I should try to pay better attention in 2012.

As with most things instituted by the ever-mysterious and elusive “them”, I buck the system.  I shake my fist at “the  man”.  I, well, try to be all angsty and hipster and original, but end up a hippie vegan like the rest of them, wearing Toms and crocheted headbands.  I do not, repeat, do not drive either a Prius or a Subaru of any kind, no offense to either Prii or Subari.

So no list.  Really.  Ish.

2012 is for delighting and knowing.

2012 is for reading the book of Job in the New Living Translation and having a laugh.

2012 is for being unafraid.

felt and pearls
felt and pearls

2012 is for selling a thing on Etsy because I made it, and by golly, the world needs to want what I make.

2012 is for my baby turning 2.

2012 is for learning to be content in limbo.  It’s not like I can go any lower.  Because I haven’t kept up with yoga.

2012 is for health.

2012 is for Vitamin D and enjoying the mess my kids make because I’ve learned I’m not that much of a mess.

2012 is for counseling and healing and learning how to be a friend.  Seriously, Job’s friends sucked.  Even he called them “worthless quacks”… in the NLT, of course.

2012 is for no resolutions.

2012 is for growing and changing.

It’s for running out of room on the calendar and watching the rest of the world freak out.  O, that was the Mayans.  Whatever.

Bottom line, I want to enjoy this year for what it is and what it isn’t.  I don’t want to set myself up for failure by making a guilt-list of things I will hate myself for not doing.  We have no idea what tomorrow will be like, let alone the rest of the freakin’ year.

I want to live this year with a new knowledge that I am delighted in by Creator of the Mayans, time, and the people who make stupid resolutions.

2012 is also for Soup-A-Thon 2012.  The 2012 Soup-etition.  The Great Soup-Off of 2012.  Whatever floats your aircraft carriers.  E-spice and I have become #beffies.  It only took about 15 years and 6 months.  We’re both awesome, so, theoretically speaking, whatever we do together will cause the world to implode.  The Mayans must have foreseen our Soup-Off.  We’re swapping recipes each month in a vein or category agreed upon together.  January’s entries were tomato soups.  Erin’s kicked soup ass to the moon and back.  It had ham in it.  Organic, vegetarian-fed, antibiotic and hormone free, uber expensive, Whole Foods ham.  We each make both soups and have someone judge between them.  Jim was this month’s judge and he determined that the texture and general aura of Erin’s soup prevailed, while the taste of mine came out ahead.  While Erin declared yours truly the winner of January, I disagree.  And since I’m disagreeing on a public forum, I think my ruling trumps hers.  I’m calling a tie.  Next stop, February.

I plan on 2012 being a good year.  Hilarious.  I know.

*first caption brought to you by!/daJozenOne



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