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my husband ❤’s documentaries


I been gone a long time, huh, folks?  I been busy with my life.  I bet none of you know what that’s like, do you?  Ha!

I been busy quitting my job.  And being full time at my other job: mommying.  O, it’s so a word, yo!  I been busy detoxing from undieting in SoCal with the out in-laws.  My poor, battered, steak-fed body was buffeting my scattered, fragile, vegan-longing mind.  (Disclaimer: I still use deodorant and toothpaste, neither of which are Tom’s of Maine.)  This healthy, from-scratch deal is a little timey and brainy starting out.  But it feels so good!  I am apparently becoming un-allergic to some things because my insides are cleaner.  Which is good because I am fed up with allergies.  Actually, that was the problem; I was unable to be fed up with them.  I so funny!    ahem…

Howevs, despite switching back to my rabbit-esque eating habits, I felt icky.  Believe me, icky is the word for it!  And sluggish.  As well as, unable to keep thoughts in my head.  Or handle the simplest of situations with any modicum of emotional rationality.  Which I had determined through the preceding months’ culinary experimentation as being symptoms of processed food and flour & sugar of the white persuasion.

Apparently, fasting is good for your liver.  48 hours minimum and no more than 72.  If you can handle it (and you have someone to help you parent your small ones for the 2 days since the less energy expenditure required, the less cranky and/or prone to fainting you will be) the benefits are, well, energizing.

Radio Flyer & a light sabre
he loves... and i love him

So, I embarked on the no-food, clear-unsweetened-liquids journey.  57 1/2 hours and 6 pounds later…  Oh, yeah!  And broke the quick and speedy with a fresh fruit smoothie.

Oh, the energy!  Oh, the hours and hours of getting things done with out that 2:30 feeling or the 5 hour energy shot!  Oh, the deep sleep of a healthy me!  And the waking up refreshed at the end of that deep, refreshing sleep.

I feel as if I could fly.  Or clean out my kids’ rooms and do several loads of laundry after scrubbing the kitchen and dining room and rearranging the living room.

Which I have more time for since I’m no longer working at a paying, outside-the-home, reception job (which I enjoyed, btw).  But I am a mom and I mentioned before that this involves mommying my 3 kiddos.  And giving Jim more time to spend doing sales, with which income I purchase fresh produce and wheat berries.  And name brand deodorant, cosmetics, and other various hygiene products.

And I have squishy, lovey, huggy, spastic, gorgeous, obnoxious, adorable babies, well, toddlers now really.

Pouting Princess
e - Lolly

And energy.

Maybe someday I’ll scrounge up enough time, space, and inspiration to sell a couple things on Etsy.  Or whatever…

And I have discovered this new site, which I love.

I also miss my sister who has been gone all summer.  And will be gone more as soon as she gets home.  Jerk.

I think I’m trying to fit a month’s worth of blogging into this post.

P.S. What if I changed my middle name?  It’s the most boring middle name in the history of middle names.  I sincerely apologize to all of you who share my middle name.  But, c’mon!  It doesn’t even end with an ‘e’.   For pities’ sake!





Name That Show…

and what’s my middle name?



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

3 thoughts on “my husband ❤’s documentaries

  1. You do have a lot to blog about. you could write 5 more post with the various topics touched on.

    P.s. Changing your middle name can be done after we buy a home… Whatever it is! Ha! love you!


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