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vacation’s a beach.

Have you ever taken 3 wild monkeys to Disneyland?

Me neither.

Just 3 toddlers.

and Levi
All my princesses in front of the Castle.

The misery-o-meter tilted towards “dangerous levels of toxin” at a few strategic points, but the kiddos remembered so much from last year’s vacation that the magic buried deep in the bowels of my soul could not resist.  Emberleigh’s face as she took in the Happiest Place on Earth reached into the future and mellowed any trace of frustration that would take place.  Molly sat agog at the varying levels of amazement that are “Small World”.  Levi’s sense of accomplishment at the defeat of Evil Emperor Zurg has repeatedly been relived in the 48 hours following.

Granted, Molly screamed bloody murder at the touch of Toy Story’s Jessie.  Levi hid his heart in the depths of Jim’s armpit.  On the other hand, Emberleigh’s embrace of the larger-than-life animated hero & heroine was sublime in it’s utter capacity of adorable.

She's so brave.
Princess Spiderman & Friends


The beach also happened.  The day before Disneyland.  And since this is my blog chronology is not imperative.

Molly eventually braved and enjoyed the sand.
the vacationing three

Jim & I got to go on a date.

To P.F. Chang’s.


My diet is weeping.
The food was delicious and I was (am) hott.





I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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