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what if only

she couldn’t stay where she was

she dare not take a step

so much to lose

yet what if the gain


he wanted the comfort

he needed to move

all he knew

and nothing left

in life.

they couldn’t speak

for fear of war

or utter nothings

lest they destroy

it all.

opportunity strikes

disaster knocks

which is it

should we answer

at all?

say yes and we drown

say no and we lose

hope and delusion

stuck in confusion

of love.

love isn’t easy

indifference is hate

even self-service

is murder

to ‘us’.

i need you to know me

you have to be sorry

together we fail

is better than winning


each laying all on the line

begging your ear

saying ‘forgive me’

but you’re sorry, too

at least.

it’s part of the process

it’s scary as hell

but we’re still sitting here

on the brink of




I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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