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Life is Worth the Living

My friend Sarah called me this morning.

“Would you mind watching my kids for a couple of hours?  You can say no.”

That is a true friend.

Because I love her as well, I said yes, but in the spirit of true friend honesty, I requested that she bring her kids to my house.  It’s the rule of #’s:  She has 2 and I have 3.  Ok, it’s not really a rule, but it would have been significantly more difficult and seizure-inducing otherwise.  My capabilities for good drastically diminish when it requires the effort necessary to walk out my front door.

Continuing in the vein of sisterhood, she also brought me compensation.  You have not truly lived until you have partaken in this manna of the gods.  1/2 dozen, coconut.  Because she loves me from the depths of her being, I’m sure.  And because I’m watching her kids.

Ain’t life grand?!

I really mean that.  With a cup of coffee and a Spudnuts coconut doughnut, nothing can really go wrong.

God has smiled upon me this blessed morn.


I rock. I also paper and scissors.

Come on. Let it out. You know you want to.

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