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Secret Life

There’s a black hole in my TV.

It’s inside my Netflix account, too.

They are connected, so it’s like a double black hole full of powerful vortex-sucking drama.


not-so-secret vortex
My Secret Life

I can’t help myself.

I can’t stop watching this show.

There’s so much drama and immaturity and sneak peeks of unexpected maturity.

There’s intrigue.

And George Juergens.  I think he’s my favorite character in the whole show.

And Molly Ringwald is the red-haired, spazzy mom.

O, and Tom Bowman, the cheerleader’s older brother is hysterical.

If you happen to love–or secretly love–this show, I beg of you, don’t tell me what’s happening.  I’m still near the beginning of the show.

Thank you, Netflix.

And it’s odd that it’s an ABC Family show.

That is all.





I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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