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i know you are, but what am i?

You can’t be perfect.

You can only try.

Most of us will judge you.

You’ll fail in someone’s eyes.


“You don’t do enough.”

“You always do too much.”

“I can’t be with you,

But I need your touch.”


I’m told to be stronger.

I’m told I’m too tough.

I am over-bearing.

I’m never enough.


I’m painful and I’m loving.

I’m terrible, to boot.

I’ve talent beyond measure.

I’m barely worth a hoot.


I see too much.

I fail to look down deep.

I’m making it all up.

I’m causing lack of sleep.


I’m no good to anyone,

Dressed in humanity.

I’ve got to be perfection

And maintain my sanity.


No one needs me.

I’m the cornerstone.

“Show some initiative.”

“You must wait for your role.”


I’ll never be in order.

I’ll never have it down.

I cannot wait to sing

Till I’ve got the perfect sound.


Where ever I go,

I bring myself along.

Whatever I’m doing

Whether right or wrong.


I’m growing.  I’m changing.

I don’t stay the same.

I’m asking for acceptance.

Not a lesson in shame.


I’m learning my boundaries.

I know my flaws.

I don’t have all the answers.

I’m working on my walls.


My faith is in God.

I hope in His love.

I’m empty inside

Unless filled from above.


However, I know

I’m on planet earth.

I still deal with people

And doubt my self worth.


Be careful with my heart

As you discover your own.

Don’t tread on me

My life is not your throne.



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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