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While we were out…

the kids obviously couldn’t stay by themselves.  At least I hope that’s obvious you moron.  So they stayed with Grammy.  Whom they want cookies from love very much.  And who loves them more when they aren’t destroying something.  However, she has a busy household to run and other hellions small ones of the toddler variety whom she babysits on a regular basis.  She also would like to be able to enjoy her time with her grandkids.  Usually a consistent schedule and prior information are key in the door to relaxed chaos.  In order to make their time together as uncomplicated and therefore fun as possible, I drew up the following schedule:


Drop-off:    — Naps have been had by all.  Diapers are labeled and in the large baggie.  An extra one is packed just in case for The Potty Train 2 specific books have been included at the behest of the Toddler Mutant Ninga Turtles.

Dinner: — Miss Moo gets whatever Thing 1 & Thing 2 get.  Unless the consumption of said food requires mature molars.  And a cup of Whole Milk.  Sippy cup included.  Batteries not necessary for operation.

Bath:    — All the bath stuff is in a largish baggie in the suitcase.  Please apply lotion.  Otherwise, Immigration will deport them back to the Sahara.  Toothbrushes are also in a baggie.  They are as follows:  Princess = Purple.  Boy = Blue.  Fatty = Orange.  Shoe Jajees are in style for evening wear.

Bedtime:     — Molly-rella & The Little Mermaid go to bed at 7ish.  Nighttime diapers are labeled and in a baggie.  Batman can stay up till 7:30.

Morning:    — SpiderMan’s Thermos is in his lunchbox.  No peanut products per Great Beginnings.  School clothes are laid out together.  Rainboots are packed in case of deluge. I have informed Miss Laurie of the deviation from normal drop-off.  SuperWhy’s extra panties have been packed.  Duh. Two-by-Four gets a bottle of milk before breakfast when she wakes up.  Empty bottle and burp rag are in suitcase.

Morning Nap:     — Moo-lan sleeps from 10:00am – 12:00pm.

Pick-up:    — The parentals will be arriving to retrieve 2 Miniature Fashionistas prior to preschool pickup at noon o’clock.

Thank you!



I may have shot myself my family in the collective foot.  It probably took more time to decipher the instructions than they even spent at my mom’s house.



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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