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please don’t

don’t call me retard

don’t call me broken

don’t call me moron

I know that I am.


don’t say i’m crazy

don’t say i’m lost

don’t say i’m unworthy

I think that anyway.


don’t try to fix me

don’t try to help me

don’t try to change me

I’ve already tried.


don’t make me normal

don’t make me cry

don’t make me smile

I’m dying inside.


don’t give me platitudes

don’t give me grief

don’t give me cliches

I might knock you out.


don’t ask me to dance

don’t ask me to like you

don’t ask me to dinner

I won’t be your friend.


don’t take my hand

don’t take my time

don’t take my money

I need you to go away.


don’t be a braggart

don’t be a nag

don’t be a phony

I can see right through you.


don’t walk away

don’t talk your smack

don’t balk at hardship

I can’t handle that.


don’t stop loving me

don’t stop needing me

don’t stop holding me

I may waste away.


don’t let me cower

don’t let me hide

don’t let me wallow

I want to be whole.


don’t do it for me

don’t do it to me

don’t do it with me

I need to be free


don’t sugar the truth

don’t lessen the pain

don’t soften the blow

I need to get well.



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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