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Nurture and Guidance

I’ve heard that blogs need to be nurtured and cared for.  Mine has been like an unruly garden strewn with wildflowers, thistles, thorns, and the occasional flying squirrel.

madness, i tell you!
you get the general idea

Weak attempts at organization and structure take time and effort, both of which I have little to spare.  This afternoon afforded me some time to thoroughly overhaul my idea of tags and categories.  It also presented with leisure time in which to gather some of my thoughts and undertake a gutting and restructuring of the navigation of my many-faceted ramblings.

Also, discovered: a grave wrong.  WordPress unpublished 15 of said posts and demoted them to ‘draft’ status.  I sincerely hope none of you have been emotionally harmed through the blog deprivation you may have been unknowingly been plagued with.

Just to make sure, you should go back and read the archives.  It’ll be educational, to say the least.



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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