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Wordtastic Wednesday (or ‘I was raised a poor white eremite.’)

There are those upon planet earth who think they know everything.

This encompasses a great many of us to some degree or another.  It would be socially and morally unacceptable to think this of ourselves, much less to openly characterize ourselves as such.  However, in a heated discussion with most anyone, either party at the moment is certain that they are the final authority and possess the ultimate knowledge on the topic at hand, whether it be brands of cat food or the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which is to say, we all err in this at some juncture of our lives.

There are those in this galaxy who know they know everything.

I was raised to believe that I was a member of this sect, or dare I say it, ‘cult’.  As an eremite family, we shunned the outside world.  Not in an Amish sense in that we pretended to not recognize its existence and powered our lives with the souls of pack horses, but in the sense that we were religiously schooled on the errors of living like ‘those other people’ and ‘the world’.  We had been blessed with ‘The Light’ and the poor unfortunates around us had not.  Prolonged contact could result in a dimming of our light, and therefore, hellfire.  If the people around us did things a certain way, we were schooled to do the opposite.  We were homeschooled in an extremely isolated fashion, one which included all other homeschoolers in the category of ‘those other people’ and ‘the world’.  The church we attended for years could be reached after a 2 hour drive every other Saturday, since that’s when our “curcuit-ridin’ preacher” was nearby.  Almost no contact was had with the other attendees between visits.  (I say ‘attendees’ because Gawd doesn’t believe in ‘membership’.) TV was explained to us as a ‘sewer line going the wrong way’.  Sickness was a result of sin and/or faithlessness.  This negated a necessity for doctor appointments.  The telephone, a drain on the family finances, was not utilized often as a connection of any kind.  Our clothing was fashioned from outdated window curtains that had faded past the point of usefulness, so fashion was a foreign concept.  The newspaper – adult-only media.  Even the Webster’s dictionary was censored with a Sharpie against the possible discovery of body parts’ names.  Failure to adhere to the rules would result in being left behind in the event of The Rapture.

God does make a distinction between the church and the world.  The church is comprised of those who say yes to Christ’s offer of life and restored fellowship with our Creator by accounting His righteousness to us by way of accepting His death in our stead.  The world is signified by the populace who is willing to risk the penalty for humanity and separation from God with their own goodness, an impossibility culminating in everlasting disaster.  The mandate for the church is to be separated from the world in that adoption of a self-possessing philosophy will taint our ability to glorify Him to Whom we now belong.

Psalm 1 proclaims the end of the path for those who are their own boss as it relates to destiny.  Contrasted to this ruinous result of self-rule, is the dendroid strength and legacy of the one who is small enough in their own eyes to accept the rule of Another, Whose pleasure and glory gives our servanthood eternal purpose.

As the church, as members of it, and of each other, we avoid those things that will bind us to our former life of paralyzing self-gratification and destruction.  We seek out and follow the pursuits that exemplify what it means to be one of His, fulfilling the reason for which we were made and securing a home in heaven forever.

-Adopted by a Heavenly Father from the former bondage and adopted by an earthly family from the former crazy



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