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worDTasTic weDnesDaY

Sara Michelle, this one's for you.

Know what’s a great word?  Nefarious.

Another word for another time.

Better than nefarious is infinite.

One is light, the other dark.

More common in this world is gray.  Not a nice, lovely grey, but the less amazing and slightly-to-seriously befuddling gray.

Grey is for tea and cute little cardigans with lace or ruffles and mismatched buttons.  Grey is for a cloudy afternoon sky with a book and a pair of glasses.  Grey is for wool socks next to a winter fireside.

Gray is not.

Gray is for subterfuge and sabotage.  Gray is for the unholy mix of dark and light that causes confusion.  That leads to insanity.  This world is a swirling cesspool of gray.  Extrapolation of this gray leads only to deeper and darker shades.

Infinite triumphed over nefarious.

Light obliterated gray.

And let us have grey.



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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