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Time Out

My kids are lovely.

With lovely comes spirited, which is a nice way of saying willful and naughty.

Over Christmas break, in all the excitement, they forgot who’s the Boss around here.  I may have as well.  That doesn’t help matters.  The monster that I have created for myself is this: bedtime (and naptime) rolls around and the darling angels (ahem, little devils) think that this means play with all their toys until Mommy checks on them and puts them back in bed.  8x/night.  Which, more likely than not involves some sort of unpleasantness for them.  Do they care?  Apparently not.

The solution seems simple and a bit mundane.  Sitting on the floor in their room until they fall asleep does the trick.  They dare not venture out of bed while the Boss is within spitting distance.  Hence, intense boredom sets in, due to lack of playthings in reach, and sleep soon follows.  The bedtime routine was obliterated.  I am attempting reconstruction.  One bedtime at a time.  The chocolate chip cookie after dinner is not helping matters tonight.  However, the measure of success achieved at today’s naptime is an encouragement.

The upside is worth it.  I am forced to sit quietly in the company of my almost-sleeping children, and do next to nothing.  I am not minding this at all.   While telling oneself that the dishes will wait and the crumbs on the floor are going nowhere is a learned behavior, it is not a difficult lesson.  Especially since I spent the greater part of my afternoon cleaning the kitchen.  The results of which I am most pleased with.  (end of sentence preposition alert)

I have a chance to sit and blog.  And show you these:

Modelling pose


Can't get up...
An extra chin, in case she loses one.
Belly roll!
Can't fit
O, Hi there!
Thru the bathroom door
I made it!
Soon she'll end up on the floor.


And she has no hair.  Isn’t she beautiful?  That’s why there’s food on the floor.  Cuz’ the food’s not growing up and moving out anytime soon.



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

Come on. Let it out. You know you want to.

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