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Annie, Get Your Gun

Phoebe Anne Oakley
Annie, Get Your Gun!


Some facts for you to peruse:


Annie Oakley

Full name:  Phoebe Ann Oakley

Born in a log cabin in Ohio

The 5th of 7 children

Raised Quaker

Began hunting at the age of 9 to feed her mother and siblings

Died November 3, 1926


Phebe Ann O'Neill
Phebe, Get Your... Ummm... What should I get?











Full (maiden) name:  Phebe Ann O’Neill

Born in a trailer by a lake in New York

The 2nd of 7 children

Raised non-denominational (crazy, non-conformist) Christian

Began raising siblings at the age of 9 due to mother’s illness

Born November 3, 1985


No creepy parallels there.   I’m fairly certain I was not named after her.  As per the aforementioned non-conformist Christian sect.

Until tonight, Jim did not know who Annie Oakley was.  Don’t worry.  I educated him.  Whilst doing so, I discovered the coincidental dates 59 years apart.  Now all I have to do is make sure I am not in New York on August 13, 2051.






I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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