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owen wilson = airhead
paul rudd was spastic and cute

Sometimes I really need to see a movie.  Sometimes my sister really needs to see me.

We kill two stones with one bird by utilizing one of God’s greatest gifts to 21st century America: the movie theater.

It was a dark & stormy night.

Just kidding.

It was merely cold & grey.  It was tonight.

We went to see this movie.  It was cute.  And funny.  Everything a guy likes about a girl, except it was a movie.

It was fun.

chocolate shoes
we wore these

The best part?

We wore our jammies.  And our chocolate shoes.

There may have been laughing.  At us.  By family members.

And Regal Crown Club cards sometimes get you a free small coke to share.




I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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