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Wordtastic Wednesday

In my cothurnal way,

I prevaricated the truth.

That is to say

I dodged reality nail & tooth.

In my tragic,

Dramatic way,

I sought some magic

To my demons slay.

I exaggerated

The facts.

I fabricated

To make up for my lack.

I tried to skirt

What was real

With the blurt

Of made-up spiel.

It was no use.

The noise I made

Was all a ruse –

A big parade.

Cold, stark reality

Was blooming.

Impending fatality

Still looming.

Yet still shone,

As I grope,

A voice from home –

A beacon of hope.

The still, small voice

Of Saviour and King.

“You have a choice,

To scream or sing.”

Straight to the point

No show or clamor.

Does not disappoint.

Is more than glamour.

I choose to sing

Though I still fear.

The truth will ring

Though doubt may sneer.

A loud charade

Cannot diffuse.

Cannot evade.

So what’s the use?

A quiet spirit pleases Him.

Truth is what He wants to see.

Past cacophony and din

What He really wants is me.



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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