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the wild, wild east?

Maybe I'll grow up some day.
Cute, fluffy, and generally useless at this point in time.

I’m a chick.


We chicks shave our legs sometimes.

(Keyword: sometimes.)


When you skip a day or 2, or 3, you get varying grades of sandpaper.

That's why God gives us to men.
To polish down those rough edges.


Confession time: we are not talking sandpaper here.







We aren’t even talking the neighbor’s un-mowed yard.

I wish he'd do something about that eyesore he calls a yard.
Way past this...


Sad to say, this is the level of wild we’re working with:

I'm a wild woman, y'all!
a young Christmas tree farm










Is this better?

cold, veiny marble, folks
the after photo


I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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