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Chi with the bling… ♫


I got this little gem for Christmas.

It’s a beaut.  Deep, iridescent red.  With the brand name done in bling.  O, yeah!  I said bling.

With it came a case for when I travel.  Black, but not just black.  Sparkly, shiny black.

The best part: it’s tricky.  As in, it tricks everyone, even me into seeing what is not there.

Almost all of my blood relatives have impossibly thick hair with tremendous amounts of body.  I must have traded one genetic blessing for another.  Height.  Straight teeth.  Average vision.  Etc.

What I do not have by any stretch of the imagination is impossibly thick hair with tremendous amounts of body.  It is sad.  Thin.  Dull.  Limp.  Fine.  Wispy.  Fly-away.  Etc.

For Christmas, I received the gift of trickery.  The CHI has the power to make my sad, pathetic, flimsy hair appear mildly thick, with average body, and a hint of shine.  That is all any girl could ask for.  And it’s all mine.  And all it cost was the opening of the gift.

Thank you, Mom.  You’re the best.  You never let your girls go unpolished if you have it in your power to give us a little fashion magic.  And you love us.  xoxo

P.S.  It matches my curling iron.  Which is an entirely different brand all together.



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