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Blog War!

She’s trying to be better than me.

Well, she is.  But I’m trying to convince you that we’re at least on level standing.

Since it’s snowing, Evan and I left work at the same time.  He followed me home so that (he says to make sure I get home safe) he could laugh at me if I ended up in a ditch.

All that to say this: I was ‘checking in’ on my Mobile Facebook App to let everyone know that I was leaving work so they would worry till I checked in at home.  I want people to think about me.  I sometimes force them to so that when I die, some people will be at my funeral to cry a few tears on my casket.  Wait, no.  I want my body to be donated to science when I die.  After my organs are given to poor kids with terminal organ failure.

While checking in, I noticed that Katie had posted something new on her bloggy blog whilst I was at work.  She plays dirty.  Actually, so do I.  She didn’t even know we were at (blog)war.  Now she does.  And since I can only expect the best from her at blog-bat (blog-to-blog combat) I shall have to post at 6am on the mornings I work in town.


Doesn’t she know I need my beauty sleep?  No, really.  I work reception at the animal hospital.  If I don’t get my rest, the clients find a new vet and tell all their friends that their former vet employed a pet-eating ogre.

Don’t ask me how I know.

And, yes, I checked in at home.

Took me 25 minutes.

And I could have died.

But I didn’t since you were all worrying about me.

Thank you…



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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