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Santa Claus Is Already In Town.

I have a problem.  Well, several.  But today I would like to highlight a specific one.

I am very good at overwhelming myself.

I plan too much, I attempt too much, and as a result, I end up with not enough time to do all of the things I have to accomplish and would like to do.  So at the last minute, I am cramming and rushing and staying up far too late.  This results in poor grammar, irritability, and general unwellness in the mental/emotional realm.  And I forget to eat breakfast.  Which, in turn, renews the vicious cycle with more vigor.

I may be attempting to mature.  Really.  I am.  Which has brought about the following change in my life:

Christmas begins in August.

I don’t mean that the Christmas season begins in August.  That would be preposterous and absurd.  No one, no matter how much elf blood runs in their veins, can handle that level of holiday magic.  It is a physical impossibility.

I begin looking for the upcoming season’s gifts.  I assemble a tentative mental list.  Granted, the list will change several times between the close of summer and Santa’s descent down the chimney.  But my eyes are open.  Browsing.  Perusing.  Planning.  Scheming.  Conniving.  Muahahahah!

This year, my holiday strategizing  has paid off well.  To date, I have only 3 presents yet to wrap.  And that is because they have not yet been delivered.  All the others have been purchased and delivered.  They are wrapped and under my tree waiting for Santa to take them to their respective recipients on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.   I have thrifted.  I have antiqued.  I have eBayed.  I have Amazoned.  I have Etsyed.  And some other things that I cannot mention as it would give away some  enormous Christmas surprises.

And I sent out Christmas cards, a feat I previously considered a possibly vast disaster.

So there are presents for around 20 people in my living room.

I wonder what I’m getting for Christmas….



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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