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Silver Bells

It’s snowing on my blog.  Which reminds me of something.  Hold on a minute while I attempt to remember what that is.

Christmas cards…  And how I never send them out.

Or maybe shouldn’t attempt to.  Because I don’t have people’s addresses.  Because I can’t just send out a few.

I have a disease.  I don’t do things because when I do them, I want to do them all the way.  Like, really all the way.  Which, I admit is marginally unhealthy.  A perfectionist control freak.  With a brain falling apart at the seams.  Yup.  That’s me.

And because I would probably lose the last 3 brain cells I have in the process.

I am here today to tell you this: I have 2 brain cells left.  Tomorrow, I will put 93 Christmas cards in the mail.  1 has already been mailed.  31 are being/have been handed out.

I did it.

While Jim and I were in CA, visiting Jim’s family, his cousin, Rebeca, did pictures of the 5 of us in the park.  They came out so beautifully.  I had to send out a Christmas card.  It seems a little self-centered, I guess, but one of the things I love about Christmas is getting cards in the mail, and the ones I love the best are the ones with family pictures either enclosed or inserted.

So I decided to get them made.  A little Picnik, and a trip to the Walmart photo booth for 28 cents per card.  125 little pieces of Holiday Cheer from me are wending their way around the country and across the world.

It took over 2 weeks to gather the addresses.  I will say now, ahead of time, if I have overlooked anyone or if for some reason you do not receive yours, that I am sorry. Please do not hate me or assume feelings of bitterness towards me.  This is another reason that I shouldn’t send out anything that involves multiple mailings.  I miss things and leave people out and you all must love me in spite of this.

You must.

Because it’s Christmas.

And I love you.




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