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There’s room up there now…


hard hatted levi
Trailer Park Levi

You may remember the Trailer Park Diaries.  You may also remember from my incessant complaining that the trailer in which I resided was the size of a thimble.  Yes, I complained alot.  In reality, however, I was happy to move there.  For a few weeks.  Then my belly got even bigger (pregnant) and there was only room for one adult and one child to be home at a time.  Levi & Emberleigh took turns sleeping out in the van with Jim.  Ok, that never happened, but my “house” was very small.  And since I am highly accident prone, this only added to the hilarity.


Back to the ‘happy to be there’.

And now back to “it was too small”.  A year later I informed my husband that I was moving to a bigger house.  With or without him, but he’d better come with, or else…  We combed craigslist, various newspapers, and probably every means of house-hunting known to man, short of prostituting ourselves out for information.



Voila!  A new house.  10 minutes from everywhere (geographical oddity, anyone?).  With 3 whole bedrooms and 2 entire bathrooms.  A kitchen that 3 people can turn around in at the same time without literally occupying the same exactly area in the space time continuum.   A real dining room that fits a real table.  Oh, wait.  I didn’t even have that in California!  Back to my story.  Or line-item list.  Whatever.  A living room.  That I can put a couch in.  And still have room to move.


Once we moved in, we began to realize something unusual.  We did not own furniture.  What we had consisted mostly of boxes, rubbermaid bins and drawers, and orphaned mattresses with no bed frames we had collected from various legs of our journey.  And we had no couch.

The search was on.  (It still is.)

I have accumulated so far a number of astonishingly amazing finds.  They are as follows:

  1. A couch.  From Big Lots.  When Levi informed me that it was his turn to sit in the chair, I relented.  Living the life of a traveler was getting a little wearisome.
  2. bunkbeds
    A bunkbed. With Stairs, of course.

    Bunkbeds.  I’m that tired of being pregnant.

  3. Just kidding.  It’s for the kids.
  4. A crib for Molly.  Which also happens to be Jim’s crib from 30 years ago.
  5. Circa find via Goodwill

    A dining room table.  A $29 Goodwill find.

  6. Bar stools.  From Circa.  I heart Circa.  Coincidently, my dining room table was once at Circa.  They couldn’t sell it so they took it to Goodwill where fate smiled upon me and I found it.  Or Karma felt bad for my hyper-fertility.  Or God wanted me to have a great table for cheap.  Yeah, me!
  7. A coffee table.  Which is really a giant steel box that I had to strip of it’s toxic lead based paint.
  8. A yellow antique dresser.
    Isn't it lovely?

    Because my room needed it.  And I needed it.  Also from Circa.

  9. My green road-side chair.  That I already owned but I love it and I love that I ‘acquired’ it.  Ahem, Evan…
  10. Antique typewriter.  From Jim’s dad.  2 years ago.
  11. 1907 Webster’s Dictionary.  I almost cried.  I think Katie did cry.
  12. A painting of a field of sunflowers.  For my living room.  Jim bought it off a door-to-door Israeli art salesman.  Because he will buy anything from an Israeli.

    My living room...
  13. Antique foodmill and meat grinder.  To display above my kitchen cabinets along with the colored glass bottles I pretend to collect.
  14. Fire Extinguisher Lamp.  Made by Brian.  Genius idea.
  15. Audrey Hepburn.  Her face hangs in my bathroom.  On the wall opposite my mirror.  So she can stand next to me while I get ready.  Ok, that sounded creepy…

All that to say this: now that I’ve moved, there’s more room in my brain for blogging.

I think.




I rock. I also paper and scissors.

One thought on “There’s room up there now…

  1. You make me so proud. I love you all so much. There are so many things I’d like you to have from my storage, but you are so far away.


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