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the post-it project

windows7 post-it heaven

Upon acquiring a computer of the new persuasion, of the Windows 7 variety, I sat down with a boy of the brother type, namely Scott.  Also known as Scotty-Too-Hottie at times various and sundry.  That is not the point.  The point is that he is an O’Neill, and as such is creative and cut from a different cloth than the general populace.

The other point is that while I was checking out the features of aforementioned laptop with said brother, a ‘post-it’ application was discovered.  Vista has a similar option.  It is not, however, nearly as versatile.  The Vista post-it remains a stationary size and can only be used in the sidebar.  The Windows 7 post-it can be changed by length and width and be placed wherever one desires upon the desktop.

Attached for your viewing pleasure is the very post-it upon which the glorious Windows 7 post-it revealed to us that the Windows 7 post-it kicks the Vista post-it’s ass.



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

4 thoughts on “the post-it project

  1. Your brother reminds me of my sister. I believe our siblings are so incredible simply due to their proximity to our incredible-ness. I believe we have rubbed off on them.

    And I have a new computer of the Windows 7 variety also, but have not yet experimented with post-it notes. I shall have to do so forthwith.


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