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I’m in one of those parts of life that feels like a tunnel.  The only way to go is forward, but due to perspective, the end seems to get smaller and more confining as it goes, yet since it’s far off, it’s fuzzy and unclear.  There may or may not  be light at the end.  There are no options for escape.  You must find the way on your own.  No one has been to the end of your tunnel.  No one can go there for you.  The more you resign and submit yourself to the journey, the faster you go because you’re not distracted by the unendingness and the claustrophobia of the walls and/or roof.  Yet since you’re a frail human, you are bound to notice the cracks.  You will see the darkness following you.  You will calculate the unknown remaining distance and be discouraged.  You will sit down and beg to be let out.  You will be too weak to go on.

You will also have times when you run.  When the speed of the flight sends the wind into your face and makes you feel free.  When the light at the end seems clear and discernible.  You may feel that you are following the footsteps of someone who has gone before.

And Someone has gone before.  He has been down everyone’s tunnel.  He went all the way so that there would be light at the end for anyone who lets Him turn their light on.

“…lo, I am with you always, even unto the end…” (Matt. 28:20)

The problem with me is that I am human.  And have a very short attention span.  I can only run so far.  I can only see so far.  I can only know so much.  And even if I can run, see, and know, I am still human.

“Lord, I believe!  Help my unbelief!”  (Mark 9:24)



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

One thought on “Life…

  1. Good Grief…I love you so much it makes my heart ache. You are such a beautiful and insightful young woman.

    You are just beginning your journey. Some tunnels you venture through will be so well lit that you want to move forward. The warmth and light will literally pull you. However, the other kind…the one that is not nearly as pretty, a crack here and there, the one in which you hear the squeaking of rats… with the smell that is so sour it causes your nose to twitch and brings tears to your eyes. It is that one that has very little light, that is the tunnels that will bring growth and create courage. By the time you get to the end of that dark and scary tunnel you realize that the strength that the Lord provided was just enough to keep you dependent on Him. The next time you begin to journey through another tunnel that looks and smells the same as that one you traveled before, you approach the mouth with a little more courage. Your nose will still twitch from the odor and your eyes will most definitely fill with tears but courage, growth and wisdom will be increased. Psalm 73:23-26 Keep walking my sweet girl.


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