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TPD #3: ‘possum…

...bugs out!
...bugs out!

My single wide is equipped to combat the elements.  In the winter, a furnace brings warmth to the abode through the vents in floor.  The heat of the summer is held at bay (mostly) by a window AC unit, whose coolness is distributed to the other rooms by the fan option on said furnace.  There are times when the fresh, outside evening breeze is more pleasant than even what my hardworking powerhouse window unit can deliver.  At moments such as these, I open the front door which, luckily, is furnished with a lovely screen door, preventing flying pests of various species from entering my dwelling and inflicting annoyance upon the inhabitants.  Three steps across the living room to the back door, which I open for a good cross-breeze, is not, however, equipped with such a useful contraption.  While the insects are not held at bay, the real concern for me is of another species entirely.  The bugs can be kept to a minimum by keeping the lights in the kitchen low.  The other species, on the other hand, can quite easily traverse the door way and make his way into the yard, with or without my knowledge.  This problem is easily solved by a child-safety gate.

Yesterday, the neighbor from across the street stopped by to say hi.  And to warn me about the ‘possums.  The child gate may keep Levi in, she informed me, but it will not keep the varmints out.  As soon as the sun begins to set, bringing the much coveted cool air, the opossums and raccoons make an appearance.  I shall have to make a trip the the screen door aisle of Lowes.



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2 thoughts on “TPD #3: ‘possum…

  1. As requested on facebook, I am leaving a comment to let you know that I read your blog. 🙂

    Before you get too deep into rebel flag pillow making, btw, I need you to come out to my house and give me an estimate on cushions for my sunroom. I’ll feed you and your kiddos lunch in return for an estimate.


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