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I have a very lovely friend.

Her name is Ashia.



The thing is, she’s not only simply gorgeous on the outside, her heart is beautiful, as well.  I don’t think I have ever met a girl as sweet as Ashia; not even at her ‘unsweetest’ moments could I be justified in saying so.  I am supremely blessed to have her as a friend.  We have been friends since high school.  I was a Sophomore and she, a Freshman.  We attended Northside Christian School together for awhile until she changed schools a couple of times, eventually ending with Pensacola Christian School.  That was possibly one of the very most amazing things that ever happened for her.  It gave her the opportunity in which to have a great time in school while also being encouraged and nurtured in her relationship with Jesus.  I missed her, but being together again, I think we are better friends now than we ever were before.  That may also have something to do with the fact that as people live and experience and grow, they (hopefully) learn how to be a friend and how to let someone be their friend in return.

Back to the darling Ashia, tho…

I have observed a very unusual phenomenon.  Whilst sitting in a Sunday Morning service, both Ashia & I bust out the latest ruled notebook and ink facilitator and proceed to studiously take down notes throughout the message.  I usually write in print, but as soon as I sit beside Ashia, I have this strong and unexplainable desire to take notes in cursive.  I never, repeat, never write in cursive anywhere but when I am sitting with Ashia.  I may begin in print, but here and there a cursive letter slips in until my pen is flowing seamlessly and continuously across the page.

Last Sunday, Ashia sat with another friend.  I looked down at my notes.  They were all a very unattached print.  Not a single diversion.  I can look back through my notebooks and tell you with certainty on which Sundays Ashia was sitting beside me.

Thinking about Ashia and her perfectly joined letters, and the fact that it subconsciously rubs off on me, I thank God again for Ashia.  If cursive is contagious, maybe sweet is too.  As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. ~Proverbs 27:17~



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

2 thoughts on “Penmanship…

  1. Phebe!!! Can I just tell you that I literally cried when I read this!!! You are soo sweet to write about me and say these sweet things!!! I sooo dont deserve you as a friend!! And i mean it!! I love you sooo much and I really do thank God for our friendship and Im sooo glad that He has allowed us both to grow in HIm and ultimately closer to each other!! I love you grl!! Thnks for everything!


  2. How sweet is this?! Everyone needs a good true friend, someone with whom they can share everything and know they are fully accepted and loved just like they are!


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