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An Epistle…

Dylan and Katie made it safely and successfully to Teen Mission’s Boot Camp.  Thank you for your prayers!  While at Boot Camp, they can each receive emails sent specifically to them which will be printed and handed to them for a mere $0.25, a small sum to pay when one is a bit tired and homesick.  Since I’m sooo hilarious, I did in fact send Katie an email which consisted of her name and the exclamation, “$0.25!”

Katie can be emailed at: (subject line: Katie O’Neill 09008 Malawi Foot Washing)

and Dylan at: (subject line: Dylan Myhre  09018 Papua, Island of New Guinea)

They would loooove to hear from you!

I have myself just completed an ‘epistle’ to each of them which, in the spirit of missions and the early church should be read aloud to their team and then delivered to the each other.

Katie O’Neill 09008 Malawi Foot Washing

Phebe, the wife of Jim, and the mother of Levi and Emberleigh, by the means of Yahoo.  Greetings from this most blessed and chaotic home.  All the Myhres greet you.

May you remember the sweet smelling aroma as you have experienced in former times, but will not soon partake of again.  I write this epistle to call you to account that you may remember me as I perform the duties and privileges that befall me here.  A wondrous glory and beautiful has been poured upon me by the goodness of the showerhead as it streameth warm and comforting upon my weary shoulders.  I long for you to be here with me that you may partake in the same manner of goodness as has so often been a blessing to me, yet I am thankful that you are dwelling in the place of character-building and desire with my whole heart that you wouldst draw from the experience all that is to be had in the fortnight to come.  In your journeys, I and all those with me wish you God-speed and health in all that you do.

I beseech you by the Dove and the Ivory that you do not succumb to the temptation of so many around you, that do not uphold that which is good and clean.  That which their mothers and fathers have so diligently practiced and taught.  That thou wouldst do as is seen acceptable and right.  Bathe, my dear brother and sister.  Let not the sun go down upon an unwash-ed body.  Be the sweet smell amongst thy peers that thy leaders may thank God for thee and that thy teammates wouldst desire to return to and uphold that in which they were brought up.

In keeping with a clean visage and appendages, keep also thy garments clean.  When the cleansing is complete and the water has risen from thy clothing, make haste to stow the garments in secure keeping lest the stench of mildew tear down the aroma that thou hast so diligently striven for.

When thou hast read this epistle, make all haste to carry the scroll to the eating site of thy brethren of the Papuas.

The young ones greet you.  Him that is of sales greets you.  The mother of this home sends her love to you.  Greet the sibling with an approved hug.

See what an epistle I have typed with my 10 fingers.

Beware those who would lead you into an S.B.


And again…

Dylan Myhre 09018 Papua, Island of New Guinea

Greetings, most beloved and esteemed!  Warmth and tenderness from, me, Phebe, to thee and all that are with thee.  This epistle I write to thee that thou mayest know that I long to see you and to know how thou fairest.  Much has transpired since I last spoke with thee.  I am bound by my responsibilities here yet with joy do I look upon my young charges as also a privilege.  They long to see you, especially the male child, and will be delighted to once again look upon the face that they think of so fondly.

I charge thee with all sincerity, not to fall into a pattern of laziness nor slovenly behavior as is not fitting for one who calleth himself by the name of Myhre.  Conduct thyself with all earnestness of heart, mind, and body, that thou mayest be an example to those who are without these virtues.  Let thy life and dwelling be an example that without words thou mightest lead others down the path of victory to the pool.  And if thou dost attain the ‘piggy’ award, be comforted that others such as myself have fallen and have risen again.  Fret not over the food which thou must partake.  It shall be sufficient for thee until which time as thou art delivered to more sumptuous fare.

I long to see thy face again and administer grooming to thy locks.  Depart not from those things wherein thou wast instructed as thy departure drew near that thy time in service may be a blessing both to you, to those thou blessest with, and those upon whom thou bestowest these blessings.

Peace be unto you.  Greet thy sibling with an approved hug.  Pass this epistle to her when you have read and meditated thereupon that you may be encouraged with the spirit of mirth.  My heart is full of eagerness on your behalf.



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