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May Madness

Levi & Emberleigh
Levi & Emberleigh

I agree whole-heartedly with Leigh Anne!  May was quite a month.  It was fraught with the activity and excitement of one adventure after the other.

Jim’s mom, Jeannie, of the lovely crimson tresses, visited from Southern California for 2 weeks at the beginning of the month, during which time we went on lunchtime park dates and braved the rigors of the Sears Portrait studio.

School is out.  Sadly, Tuesdays are over.  No more quiet retreat from the world.  Tuesdays still exist, mind you, but not as kid-free days of silent bliss.

Emberleigh turned 6 months old.  I cannot wrap my mind around how swiftly time passes by!

On the subject of age, Katie’s 14th birthday this month was celebrate it with the Comedy of Errors at the Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton. Though I had been to the play once before, it was so much fun that I would go yet again in a heartbeat.

That same weekend, after one plan after another was either rearranged or fell through completely, Jim decided at the last minute that, for the sanity of our little family of 4, we needed a couple of days away.  An impromptu visit yielded significantly reduced hotel reservations near VA Beach and we were off to the beach for some much-needed R & R, if that’s possible with 2 small children.

Apparently one weekend in the sun was not enough to kick off the summer. The following weekend sported the Blue Ridge Soap Box Derby.  Approximately 70 area kids were entered this summer in 4 divisions and raced one another down Main Street in Waynesboro, VA.  It was an all-day affair with hotdogs, hamburgers, and snow cones.  I personally am acquainted with 5 of the contestants, 2 of whom are my little sisters: Kyleigh, 11, and Brytleigh, 8.  Brytleigh was not overly fond of flying down the hill, but this being her first year, she may decide to try again next year.

Kyleigh Racing
Kyleigh Racing

Kyleigh, on the other hand, against all odds, won 1st place in her division.  Since there were far less participants than in previous years, there was a ‘double elimination’.  The losers would move down into a ‘losers bracket’ and have an opportunity in the afternoon to race the winners from the morning.  Kyleigh won the losers bracket and went on to beat the all-day winner from the winners bracket. We are all shaking our heads.  She was very focused and responded well to coaching, but the girl drives like a drunk!  She did progressively better as the day went on, but how she made it that far in the first place has us all in stitches.  She managed to hit cones on 3 runs and won each run.  If she had been driving a motor vehicle, an officer would have administered a breathalyzer. She is going to Akron, OH for the 72nd All-American Soap Box Derby World Championship.  Go figure.

Isaiah 3:21
Isaiah 3:21

Last, but not least, on the day of the race, I crossed an item from my bucket list.  For a while now, I have been planning, nay, scheming, of acquiring the cherry on the icing of my accessories.  At Ben Around Tattoos, the Waynesboro location, a gentleman by the name of Scott graced this lovely face with the much-desired piercing of the right nostril.  I heard angels sing.  Afterwards, anyway.  Having that clamp in my nose nearly made me hyperventilate.  I felt light-headed and a tad nauseous.  I pushed through.  I made myself hold still.  I Did Not Cry.  My eyes did, but that was merely a physical reflex.  I now have an extra hole in my face.  Who would have thought I’d pay so much for a tiny bit of destruction and 6-8 weeks of special hygiene.  It is the most beautiful thing I have ever put in or on my face.  No food in my mouth, no makeup on my visage, can compare. The whipped cream on the cherry:  Jim likes it…

Ahhh, May has been quite the month…

Did I mention that I also got my first speeding ticket?



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

One thought on “May Madness

  1. Wow, your right it was quite a month. I am sure if you would have conferred with me I would have been able to add to your list of excitement and happenings. I could not be more proud of our sweet, prissy Kyleigh. She certainly surprised us all.

    I love the new nose piercing. It is way cool and quite trendy for a mother of two..


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