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Dylan and Katie have signed up with Teen Missions International for summer mission teams.


Katie, my 13-year-old sister, is going on a foot-washing team thus named for the orphans’ feet they will be washing throughout the course of the summer.  A brave handful of American teens will be shipping out to the Malawi savannah to follow in the footsteps of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Armed with shoes, socks, and first aid equipment, the young missionaries will be venturing into AIDS Orphans Rescue Units to wash the children’s feet and administer minor first aid to said feet.  Due to the selfless nature of the mission, the duffels, usually assigned to carrying the young missionaries’ belongings, will be filled with the aforementioned footwear and medicinal items.  The teens may carry with them only what will fit in the backpack provided by Teen Missions International.  For a bunch of girls, for that is whom the team is primarily comprised of, this is a sacrifice indeed!  God’s blessings upon them as they go forth and minister to no only the orphans of Malawi, but to us as examples of the heart of Jesus Christ!


Also 13 years old and full of mischief and trivia  is our brother Dylan.  His destination is Papua New Guinea.  His team will be working on the BMW – not a car, but a free Bible Missionary & Work training center located on the island, much like his team to Cambodia last summer.  The smells that come to mind include Teen Missions issue BO and bath-like quantities of bug spray.  Manual labor and mind-numbing fatigue will be the sacrifice this team is willingly giving for the sake of the Kingdom.  If it’s anything like last summer, he will be pouring concrete, hammering nails, painting, and entertaining the local children, the last of which he will adore supremely, whether he admits it or not. 

I am asking that you pray with me for them.  Both now and throughout the summer.

  • Pray that they will be prepared, emotionally and spiritually, for the challenges they will face.
  • Pray for their team members and for unity among them throughout the summer, as that is a long time for complete strangers, teenagers nonetheless, to be so far from home and so close to one another.
  • Pray for the leaders that they would be listening so closely to the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for the opportunities that will arise for the Gospel to go forth.
  • Pray for the health of these brave and energetic children of God.
  • And tho’ I hate saying anything about money, they still have $2500 left apiece to raise.  Pray that God will put it on the hearts of friends, family, and even strangers if He wills, to share in this endeavor.

These 2 have an opportunity that not many are provided.  You may not be able to go, but you can be there in spirit, in your prayers.  They are sacrificing a summer.  Please sacrifice 30 seconds to offer a prayer for them.

I am so excited to follow up at the end of the summer with them and have you all gather ’round to see what the Lord will have done!



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

5 thoughts on “T.M.I.

  1. Phebe, I’d love to comment. I think it is so awesome that your siblings are going on these projects. I will be praying for them and will pray that they raise all the support they need. Watching the video and reading your posts made me reminisce(sp?) about my mission trips. I miss them, they are such awesome experiences!! 🙂


  2. Your sister does look like you.Before i read the blog I thought it was a picture of you when you where younger.I will take time to pray for your brother and sister on their summer missions.I pray that one day my boys will have the heart of Jesus to go on missions like these.


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