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Oh, so tired, tho’ I did sleep a solid 8+ hours last night.  I suspect the deep sleep may have something to do with the 5 miles I walked yesterday morning, the last 1/2 mile of which was taken at a full run.  Boy, did that feel good!  Brings me back to the good ole days (cough) of high school when we ran a mile every afternoon and worked out to an old VHS of Billy Blanks’ shiny blue spandex and TaeBo aggression.

I also surmise that my tiredness may be chalked up, in part, to my poor, sick little boy and his load-after-load of bedding through the washer and dryer, again and again.  I do feel incredibly sorry for the chap.  For what is to be done for the tummy bug?!  Alas!  It must be allowed to run it’s course. What can I do but sit there in the rocking chair with him curled up around his ‘blankie’ and thumb, gazing half-heartedly upon Patrick and SpongeBob.  As much as I adore the little yellow mischief-maker, I’d much rather deal with the sniffles.  Tylenol, saline nose drops, and the ever-wonderful ‘b00ger-sucker’…

On second thought, maybe I’m just tired.  My dear hubby has done more of his share of care-taking this go ’round.  He may have bathed Levi a full half-dozen times just since Saturday, not to mention the other cleaning involved when terrible, horrible, evil sickness infects your little ones… Maybe I long for the sunshine of spring.  I lived in CA for 4 warm years, and while I’d not go back, I realize I was spoiled by the constant sunniness and must re-acclimate to a land where there are 4 seasons, not 3 1/2.  Maybe I will go get some happy little pansies for my window box…

All this to say, I’ve been remiss in my blogging.



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

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