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~ Yeah! ~
~ Yeah! ~

Ah, my lovelies!

You love me!

As a celebratory gesture, in honor of reaching 1,000 views of my very own ‘artsyesque’, I would like to hold a special event:  My first giveaway!

Reply to this post via a comment and one lucky winner selected at random will receve a handmade — by my own loving hands — piece of jewelry.  I promise that depnding on the winner, it will either by very masculine or feminine, so as not to disappoint the recipient.

I am as excited about this as you are.  Ok, probably more excited, but bear with me.  It is a bit like watching one’s child learn to walk or recite the alphabet.  I admit, that’s a tad of an exageration, but do you get my drift?  Celebrate with me!



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

15 thoughts on “1,000

  1. oh phebe’s you make me laugh pretty much every day with this thing! i love it, a giveaway….i bet you do an amazing cheesy salesman voice


  2. What the heck is a uniform resource identifier? Anyway, I’m being obedient and leaving a comment. But you can make me some jewelry anyway. 😉 hehehe… Love you!


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