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Snow Brows

Once upon a time...

nce upon a time…

there was a little cabin in the woods.  It was the type of cabin that looks particularly cozy, yes, inviting, when covered and surrounded by snow — glorious snow — billowing and pillowing about in delectable cottony splendor.  Until it is trampled on by hordes of eager youngsters, of course…

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

As wonderful as snow always proved to be, alas! it did not often snow upon this cozy, inviting little habitation at the edge of the forest.  If it did indeed happen to snow, the snowflakes themselves would laugh in the face of the cabin-dwellers, knowing that in a matter of minutes, even seconds, the evil warmth would destroy all hope of turning the ordinary forest into a magical forest full of the beauty and muffled silence that winter should bring.

Hence, when snow began to fall one winter’s day, the family abiding near the entrance to the thus-far non-magical forest did not grow excited or allow their hearts to warm with hope.  Having been promised snow multiple times by the vicious and ever-fickle villians who hold the title of ‘WeatherMan’ who failed to deliver, they braced themselves to once more drink the dregs of disappointment.


Behold!  How the snow falls faster, thicker, heavier!  Hope begins to stir…

By nightfall, enough had accumulated to fashion a snowman (pictured here, desperately lacking in hygiene) and sighed with delight.  There had not been sufficient snowfall in some years for a feat of this caliber.  With only thoughts of carousing in the remaining whiteness the next day, the tired siblings fell happily into bed and dreamt of dancing flakes.

It was not a dream!

Being a Monday, the beginning of yet another week, the family woke and girded up their respective minds to face the day.  A quick peek out the window revealed the non-magical forest had been visited by the snow fairy late in the night.  The snowman had collapsed under the weight of the 6 additional inches that had fallen from the sky while beauty sleep was under way.

* * * * * * *
* * * * * * *

The house and all of its surroundings were transformed into a veritable wonderland of sparkly delightfulness (somewhat similar to Edward Cullen).  We were officially SNOWED-IN!!

Jim was scheduled to start a new job.  His new boss called to let him know that, although they closed for nothing, today he should not come to work.  None of the youngsters regularly dropped off on Monday to be babysat were able to make it due to the roads being impassible.  School was out.  Even homeschool was out.  WeatherMan was relegated to the position of ‘hero’ for the day.  Cries of joy and delight, pleasantly muffled by the lovely snow went up from all hearts.  Snowpants were dug out of Rubbermaids.  Hats and mittens were found.  Boots reappeared from hiding.  From youngest to oldest, all revelled in the once-in-a-blue-moon event.

* * * *
* * * *

Trips to the great outdoors were made time and again.  Cold weather gear came off small bodies and into the dryer, to be re-donned almost immediately as the lure of true winter overpowered all else.

The afternoon was devoted to a tradition reserved for just such a day.  Off to MacIntire Park, the majority piled into the van to spend the remainder of the day on real sledding hills.

Now we’re ready for spring!



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

4 thoughts on “Snow Brows

  1. The best part of the whole story that is not mentioned…Mother of all of the aforementioned sledders and snow lovers, enjoyed the sound of silence with in the walls of her home. How? No one was left in the house but Mother. Beautiful!


  2. Whilst contemplating the entirely impossible concept that there were humans, birthed from humans, who lived on planet earth, who had such exuberant fascination with the crystalized waters from heaven, and further astounded by the fact that my usual 6 or so feet of back yard bomb proof piles of imprisoned ice awaiting the summer months to be freed to the wells and rivers of those reliant on the runoff, I stood in an international airport, received a call from the love of my life, and asked how the weather was in Colorado.

    Her reply?

    “70 degrees at your next destination!”

    As I walked off the plane armored in my cold weather gear, reorienting myself with the third airport of the day, a confused soul with a perplexed expression looked upon me and asked, “Where have you been?”

    My reply?

    “Virginia of all places!”


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