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Operation Fairy Princess Kingdom

I have missed you all. As I am sure you have missed me! I do however, have a perfectly good reason for not blogging in soooooo long…

Operation Fairy Princess Kingdom!

Operation Fairy Princess Kingdom
Operation Fairy Princess Kingdom

Pop had to go to South Carolina on church business and took the 3 little girls with him: Kyleigh, Brytleigh, and Delaynie.  The silence ensuing from the departure of the little girls inspired Mother Myhre, Cuteness of All to bestow upon me a project of epic proportions.


Having once upon a time painted a playroom as the outdoors at the behest of the aforementioned Mom, I was now aware of talent that I possess, not to be conceited. While I was in high school, it came about that the playroom needed to be painted. Mom thrust a bagful of paints and paintbrushes into my unwilling hands and informed me that my job was to ‘make this room cute. You can do it!’ I sketched, penciled, and painted. The result was, for the most part, pleasing to the eyes. Aside from an experimental wishing well and the emo butterfly resulting from a break-up, it was a peaceful scene of the outdoors replete with dragonflies, bumble bees, and a tree gracing the corner. Around the light fixture, the ceiling was adorned with yellow and gold rays to portray the sun. Sadly, I do not have pictures of this venture into the world of room murals.

Hearkening back to this project, Mom decided that it would be a fabulous surprise for the girls if they had a newly painted bedroom to come home to. And a friend of Pop’s is coming in from out of town and needs a place to stay. The guest room consists of the little girls’ room while they are relegated to the trundle in the rec room.

Armed with money and far too much of her trust in me, she sent me off to Lowe’s and JoAnn’s for the needed supplies. I convinced Evan that it would be in all our best interests if he went with me as a sounding board and extra set of hands. A whirlwind hour and a half later, I returned home with paint, brushes, painter’s tape, and armloads of tulle.

  1. Paint the walls a semi-gloss blue (Windsor Way to be precise).
  2. Paint the ceiling Windsor Way..
  3. Wait for it all to dry.
  4. Paint the walls again to cover the bubblegum/fairy pink still showing through.
  5. Wait for coat #2 to dry and go to bed.

The next morning, pleased with the results of yesterday’s prep work, we taped and painted the baseboards and window frames and shiny high-gloss white. Next, came the task of cutting up a tee-shirt and ragging on the walls with watered-down flat ceiling paint in the shape of clouds, whatever shape clouds are supposed to be. Following, Evan helped to paint on edges of fluffiness with a smaller brush and the glossy white enamel.

Grass in two shades of leftover green paint from earlier home improvement projects was applied to the perimeter of the room giving the feeling of being in a meadow as Brytleigh had suggested sometime previously. “Mom, make my room like it’s outside!”

' the meadow, pickin' wildflowers..."
‘…in the meadow, pickin’ wildflowers…”

We all know that no meadow is complete without wildflowers, so I brushed a few in the grasses with a wave of my ‘magic wand’. A couple of lady bugs hide on blades of grass and a dragonfly flitters across the blue sky.

lacy-winged beauty
lacy-winged beauty
Princess Wonderland
Princess Wonderland

To complete the intensely girly theme, a canopy must hang above the area designated for princess beauty sleep.

On each girl’s side of the bed, I penciled a ‘B’ for ‘Brytleigh, and a ‘D’ for Delaynie, and filled them in with paint and permanent marker, accompanied by a Bible verse on which sits a bumblebee and butterfly at rest. for Brytleigh
…is for Brytleigh

Delaynie's side
Delaynie’s side

Brytleigh's side
Brytleigh’s side

Let’s not forget the closet. A princess’ closet is highly important as it contains the ball gowns for dancing with Prince Charming. Pink gingham curtains adorned with a tulle and ribbon valence hide the ‘ball gowns’ from the harsh light and the prying hands of evil witches. No ugly stepsisters here! Above the closet is penned Psalm 145:13. “The princess inside is all glorious. Her clothing is interwoven with gold.”

The Closet
The Closet
Be-tulled & be-ribboned
Be-tulled & be-ribboned

“Phebe!” exclaimed Delaynie. “It’s better than cable!”



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

2 thoughts on “Operation Fairy Princess Kingdom

  1. It is an absolute stunning guest room! I should know! Plus the wireless access reaches the room just fine, and there is a perfect view of the dead snowman out the window. I give it 5 of 5 stars.


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