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Happy Valetimes Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

This morning we celebrated both Valentine’s Day and Saturday Morning.  In our family, since Jim and I moved back from CA, Saturday mornings have been characterized by pancake breakfast.  I haul my rear end out of bed and, still in my jammies, mix up a batch of pancake batter, find the kids, and begin pouring batter on the griddle.  Kyleigh, Brytleigh, and Delaynie line up expectantly with plates and forks, requesting pancakes of particular shapes and designs, the most common being Mickey Mouse.  Dylan, Evan, Katie, and Pop usually have to be summoned, most likely roused from sleep to partake in breakfast yumminess.

Since Valentine’s Day fell on Saturday, the pancake shape of choice was a heart.  Somewhat tricky to create, yet regardless of the imperfection of said heart-pancakes, they were devoured with gusto and brought smiles to little girls’ faces and sticky syrup to every surface in the kitchen.

Family tradition dictates that Valentine’s be celebrated with gifts.  I do believe we are the gift-givin’est family I know.  Each familiy member recieves a book or comic and a favorite candy.  Being recently diagnosed with a gluten allergy, Mom was graced with Gluten-Free chocolate chips and a Gluten-Free cookbook, tho’ I wasn’t aware cookbooks contained gluten and, as a rule, are not so tasty.  Mom purchased a book according to each kiddo’s respective likes and delectable goodness (candies) for each child’s taste.  Being somewhat peculiar in his likes and dislikes, Jim received a ‘laptop cooling pad’ and gushed like he’d been given the moon.

My gift consisted of Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker’s ‘House‘,

Literature of Choice
Literature of Choice

Ghirardelli 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate, (Note the chocolate bar has been christened “Twilight Delight”.  I confess that this moniker at least partially effected my judgment in choosing a favorite.)

72% Heaven
72% Heaven

and a card…

Awww, pretty shoes...
Awww, pretty shoes...
My Pop is funny.
My Pop is funny.

1.)     open card

2.)     receive happy valentine greeting. *

3.)     experience warm fuzzy feelings.

4.)     eat chocolate.

5.)     blog about it.

*greeting which states “Happy Valentines Day” is implied. (in a car dealership commercial disclaimer voice…)


MoM n PoP

I confess that I have not followed the instructions as they have been prescribed.

I opened the card.

I ate a square of Katie’s chocolate, having been persuaded by her to trade a nibble of mine for some of hers.

I am blogging.

The warm fuzzy feelings continue…

What is your Valentine’s tradition?



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

3 thoughts on “Happy Valetimes Day!

  1. ugh, Hate to complain (ok, who am I kidding… I love to complain. Thats about the only thing I love on valentines day…) But for the past two years my valentines day tradition has been going to church. My dad (being the pastor) always insists on having a valentines dinner in which my husband ( being the assistant pastor) is required to attend and work at! So my valentines day… kinda sucks.
    Ok… but I love your blog and reading it makes my valentines day better!


  2. It amazes me how you always somehow include Twilight in your blogs!! I think you have come to the point of obsession…lol I guess I will have to read it myself to see how good it really is.


  3. My Valentine’s Day treat was a box of chocolates from all of my men! But the bigger treat was that Nate put the “Live Laugh Love” lettering above our bed that I’ve had for weeks. And I didn’t even have to ask him!! 🙂 He just did it. He truly knows the way to this woman’s heart . . . completed home improvement projects!!


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