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Brytleigh Glo…

I love my Brytleigh.

Yesterday she had a birthday, so according to house rules, today she’s the biggest loser in the house because it’s less her birthday now than anyone else in the family.  I’d say for being the biggest loser in the house she sure is lovable.  And may outsmart us all…

One day she and her incredible genius will take over the world and have us all following her loyally, believing that we are our own bosses and that she is just a cute, funny, smart, not to mention gorgeous little girl.  She will have us all doing her chores and will be growing wealthy from our exploits on her behalf.  And all possibly before her 10th birthday.

Having just turned 8, she is already adept in the ways of reverse psychology.

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of Brytleigh’s birth, Mom, Pop, Delaynie, Bryt’s friend Jenna, Jim, and I went to the Flaming Wok for dinner.  We donned apparel appropriate for the occasion and us girls dolled ourselves up as usual.

In order to fully understand the following narrative, let me, for a moment, clue you in on the normal proceedings during a hairdressing session with Phebe “who does magic on our hair” (So says Delaynie, age 6).  I blow the lovely blonde tresses dry with my wonderful, hot pink, leopard print hair dryer.  I straighten, curl, cajole, and pin the to-die-for locks into works of art.  Meanwhile, whoever is ‘canvas’ for my masterpiece at the time does her very best to go through my makeup bag and beg and plead that this or that be applied to her face, request my perfume, and perhaps even demand that I share whichever of my cosmetic possessions strikes her fancy this week.  I usually say ‘no.  I have caved a time or two or three, thus leading the two angels (cough) to believe that, with enough reasoning, I can be bent to their every whim.  This is not the case, or so I thought…

In preparation for the aforementioned outing, I was styling Brytleigh’s hair.  I did not notice the lack of begging and pleading that usually accompanies a hair session.  Had I noticed it, I may not have been duped as I was.  Being the wonderful big sister that I am, I thought to apply a bit of lipstick to Brytleigh’s lips and a pouf of sparkly blush to her lovely cheeks in honor of her birthday.  A special night calls for special beautification, as any girl knows.  When the finishing touches were added and I stepped back to be sure that all was perfection, Brytleigh looked up at me with feigned inocence, a bit of an impish grin, and a mischievous twinkle in her enormous blue eyes.  “See, I didn’t ask for anything and that made you give me something.”  Giggle, giggle…

Look out, world.

Brytleigh Gloria
Brytleigh Gloria


I rock. I also paper and scissors.

2 thoughts on “Brytleigh Glo…

  1. OK–this is the VERY first time I’ve been able to get to your blog…my computer wants to block wordpress for some strange reason. Soooooooo sorry.

    Brytleigh is beautiful….happy belated b-day to her!

    p.s. If you still want to be interviewed, please let me know…and I will set you up!!!!


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