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Recently, a new show has been added to my favorites.  In fact, at the moment, it may very well be my # 1 favorite show.  Previously, my top shows–the must-see-weekly, can’t-miss-an-episode, see-or-die–have been House, MD (because who doesn’t love a cranky, pill-popping jerk of a doctor who cures mysterious illnesses for the rush), Life (and the zenfully beautiful Charlie Crews), and Sealy Booth, I mean Bones.  A couple others are on the watch-them-if-I-have-nothing-better-to-watch list, but are still, enjoyable entertainment.  These include Chuck and others I can’t think of at the moment, being preoccupied with the thus far undisclosed favorite.

Being a lover of most things Sci-Fi and fan of superhuman abilities, I have developed what is perhaps an inordinate attachment to Heroes.  Admittedly, I joined the fanbase rather late in the game: this past fall.  Being the moving picture junkie that I am, I spend a quantity of carefully-horded moolah on Netflix every month in order to have at my disposal a variety of movies and television shows to watch at any given time.   Having committed to a project of epic proportions–making 13 pairs of Christmas jammies for the family–I found that a source of entertainment was indeed a necessity to keep the possible tedium at bay while attaching fronts to backs and sleeves to bodices.  I had watched multiple seasons of Law & Order via Netflix while battle morning sickness during the pregnancy resulting in Emberleigh, and was looking for something new and different to pass the time.  I happened upon this show knowing next to nothing of its plot or characters, let alone its watchability.

I find I have fallen deeply and madly in love.  With the show and all of its twists and turns.  With the characters and their humanity and superhumanity.  With Sylar.  Gabriel Gray.  Watchmaker’s son.  Villain.  Son.  Father.  Villain.  Friend.  Enemy.  Villain.  Perhaps it was initially the adorably nerdy glasses.  It could have been the dark apparel that suggests rather strongly that he is on the dark side.  It could have been many things.  Very probably it was and is the ability he possesses to turns those enormous eyebrows into a thing of beauty.  I have never seen anyone capable of what he is capable of.  (Bear in mind that I am not speaking of the person of Zachary Quinto.  I am strictly referring to Sylar, the character.)  I have large eyebrows.  No one really knows.  I pluck the heck out of them and beat them into painful submission.  However, there is a vast difference between beating one’s eyebrows into submission and being able to, at will, turn one’s eyebrows into something attractive, nay beautiful, nay alluring.  It may border on insanity to ‘crush’–if you will–on a fictional character.  But Sylar… he is lovely, sad, inquiring, lost, and at times loving and selfless if one is willing to see it.  I would have hated him with a passion if not for the glimpses we have seen of him as a father to little Noah, his attempt to please Angela Pettrelli as his mother in striving to curb his literally murderous need for knowledge, or his love–however fleeting–for Elle.

The 4th season of Heroes returned on Monday, February 2nd, 2009, and with it, Sylar.  He is on a quest to find his parents.  That is lovable.  He will make terrible choices and wreak havoc on the world, but I am thrilled that he has returned in this season.  He has been locked up and even killed repeatedly, but you can’t keep good eyebrows down.

His Hotness, Sylar...
His Hotness, Sylar...


I rock. I also paper and scissors.

One thought on “Sylar…

  1. I love Heroes too! I’ve been a fan since day one. I like it so much better when Sylar is a good. I loved that scene last season from in the future where he was at home making his son breakfast and Peter stops by. I would have to say Peter is my favorite character though, I love his ability.


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