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Rock Band

I might very well  be conceited, but I am inclined to believe there are a variety of things I can do.  I don’t pretend to do them all well, mind you, but I am capable of doing a few things nigh unto perfection.

One of these things is most definitely NOT anything in the musical arena unless, of course, one is referring to the ability to turn on and/or listen to a radio, CD player, MP3 player, or some other such device on which recorded music is played.

Case in point: Rock Band

To play Rock Band one must posess at least a very small amount of musical talent: singing ability, rhythm, or some combination of the two.  I do not have either singing ability or rhythm, and most certainly do not possess a combination of the two on account of the lack of either one.

I was honored by the request of my 16-year-old brother, Evan, that I play Rock Band 2 with him after church, specifically that I utilize my voice and the microphone provided in order to complete his band.  I acquiesced and found myself in a “band” with Evan and my mom: Evan on the guitar and Mom on the drums (that’s a laugh!).

Being “sheltered” from most entertainment for the majority of my life by my bio-parents, I was not exposed to music that most people have at least heard of before.  This resulted in a bit of well-founded apprehension on my part when faced with the prospect of rec room karaoke.  My attempts at following along with the lyrics, let alone the melody, were laughable indeed!  Evan tried his best to teach me the basics of singing “like a rock star”.  Mom assured me that she had done adequately when playing tho’ lacking the necessary abilities and that I would be a fine addition to the musical ensemble.  With each song selection, my score descended.  I suppose beginners’ luck accounted for the semi-acceptable numbers ascribed to my character’s score, and even beginners’ luck can only hold out so long.

I whined, I sang, I yelled, I screamed…  only to end up sounding like a tone-deaf, wannabe-rocker-turned-worship-leader.

Tho’ I did just well enough that, with the high scores of the others we were able to upgrade and acquire a tour bus for our band.  They say I can play with them again.  I guess they are confident that their own abilities will outweigh my inabilities and they will progress to the next levels nonetheless.

My talent: the ability to make others laugh.  I am also quite adept at laughing at myself.

(My suspicion is that I was merely needed to fill the vacancy resulting from my 13-year-old brother being grounded from TV and video games for the weekend.)



I rock. I also paper and scissors.

3 thoughts on “Rock Band

  1. My somewhat “rockstar” ability enabled me to save all the players present, by being as good as all 3 of us put together. Mustering up at least 4 stars a song was a little challenging due to me trying to be 3 people at once, or at least trying to acquire the skill needed to surpass all their lack of skill. I guess it worked out in the end.


  2. I would love to play Rock Star at some point. I love karaoke! I tend to get irritated by people without rhythm, though. Nate claps on the off-beat just to irritate me. It works, too.


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